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I was out of the country for a prolonged period and on returning recently, I was horrified to find my home infested with termites. There were fine ‘sawdust’ piles in many of the closets and I also found discarded wings in some corners.

I hurriedly turned to the professional and reliable pest control Waxhaw, North Carolina firm, Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions for effective extermination of these ‘white ants’ before they ate up my entire house!

Now that the baits and termiticides are in place and the infestation seems to be on its last legs, my mind has turned to the unsettling question, ‘How did these pests enter my house in the first place?’

On further investigation into the issue, I realized that the answer was pretty clear. Termites generally dwell in the ground, but continue to forage for their cellulose ‘food’ all around their colonies. At times, they even travel hundreds of feet before hitting a likely source of wood, paper or cardboard. They dig underground tunnels to reach the food and do not hesitate to make tunnels of mud, dirt, saliva and feces when they have to travel above ground. The pests can enter homes through any hollow spaces, gaps in joints or even tiny cracks in the walls, slabs or foundation.

Now that I think back, I vaguely remember spotting those telltale mud tunnels along an exterior wall and even going down the window frame inside!

Termites are a detriment in most homes. However, these infuriating pests never cross our mind when we buy a property!


I was looking to buy a house in North Carolina and diligently checked everything from the roof, drains and heating system to the title deed, mortgage, tax bills and what not. The home inspector also gave the house a clean report.     I was ready to sign on the dotted line. Just then, my real estate agent happened to notice a dusty trail along a closed window. On closer inspection, we suspected it to be the work of dreaded termites.

The home seller was genuinely unaware of the silent termite infestation and could not be accused of ‘hiding’ this crucial information. I too was befuddled about what to do, but the agent insisted on a termite inspection at the cost of the owner.

Our suspicions were confirmed as the inspection reported the beginnings of a termite infestation on the property. Still I was in love with the house and wanted to make it my own, but obviously without the add-on of termites. The agents parleyed together and mine expressed a willingness to still take over the property at a reduced price provided it was first divested of all pests completely!

The seller searched for a reliable pest control Waxhaw, and  hired Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions to rid the house of termites.   . The company diligently performed various treatments to eliminate the termites and backed up the service with a satisfaction guaranteed policy.

I happily signed the papers and a decade down the line, have never ever found any termites in the house!

Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions is a full service residential, commercial and industrial pest control company providing prompt, professional and reliable pest solutions since the past four years. This local and family-owned company is licensed, bonded, and fully insured in both South Carolina and North Carolina. You can get a free no obligation quote anytime. Just call us at 704-954-8455, email or visit the website

Address: 7427 Matthews-Mint Hill Road, Suite 105-171, Mint Hill, North Carolina.

When a termite problem is detected, homeowners usually turn to the internet for help. I too Googled termite control options and got a variety of results for my efforts. Ideas like freezing the infested wood or exposing it to sunlight was just not possible, but I tried everything else – from making traps and ‘planting’ worms to applying different repellents and pesticides to the problem areas.

However, all this turned out to be a spot treatment at best, and the telltale termite wings and wood powder started reappearing. After all the wasted efforts, I realized a few home truths:

I could not completely detect all the areas that have been infested with termites.

I did not know how to identify the types of termites so that I could treat them accordingly.

I simple lacked the specialized equipment such as masonry drills, large-capacity tanks and soil treatment rods to do a full-blown pest control treatment.

Finally I gave up and decided to call in the Matthews Termite treatmentlogo.emailsignature2 . A friend referred me to Tactical Termite and Pest Solutions in North Carolina. I called them up and they promptly offered me a free quote. I ran a check and found that this full service residential, commercial and industrial pest control company is licensed, bonded, and fully insured in both South and North Carolina. The online reviews also sounded extremely satisfied and appreciative.

So I decided to go ahead and set up an on going treatment plan. And I am glad to say that the quick and experienced service was indeed impressive. The technicians used latest techniques and equipment to get rid of the termites from my house and I was finally able to breathe easy once again!