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house-cross-section-lgLast summer, I had an ants and cockroaches epidemic on my hands. The pests were running all over my house and nothing seemed to work on them. I was fed up of the sight of the disgusting vermins and decided to call a pest control provider in Charlotte NC.

Tactical Pest and Control Solutions seemed fit for the job and came with good recommendations. I gave the go ahead and a team of experienced technicians worked on my entire house.

A few days later, I was sickened to still find a few cockroaches crawling across my bathroom and ants living it up in the den! I immediately called up the pest control company in a fury and demanded my money back.

The operator at the other end of the line assured me that this is normal as it takes some time for the bugs to die off. I was still livid and insisted that someone should come over for an inspection.

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The company dutifully sent a technician to check on the results. He gently clarified that complete eradication takes a few weeks. He told me that some pests may have even crawled from outside, but will fail to survive the treatment.

I have to admit that those infuriating pests were completely eliminated in less than a month, and I am yet to catch sight of a single ant or cockroach in the house ever since!

download (1)And the unexpected happened! My house was under attack by those darned termites, with buckling floorboards and ribbed furniture everywhere. I quickly called in pest control professionals in Fort Mill SC to eliminate the invaders right from the source!

The technicians at Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions advised that applying liquid termiticide would work to keep them at bay. They said they would choose low-toxic products that are safe for my kids and dogs. Still the advice was that they should not come into contact while the pesticide is wet.

Yet, I was quite worried especially about my baby girl as her infant body was more susceptible to the toxins. So I decided to play it safe and commissioned the treatment while the children were safely away at their daycare. My dogs were confined to a room (where application was not required) for the duration of the treatment.

I was also told to remove the dogs’ bedding, food, water bowls and toys from the application areas. I made doubly sure by removing all food items from the house.

downloadThe technicians quickly did a thorough job and took even the empty containers with them to eliminate risk of contact. While exposure had been reduced, I still ensured that the house was well aired out before either the kids or pets were allowed to return!

Now I am happy to say that the termites have actually disappeared and the family has lived to tell the tale!