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photoI recently bought a house and many people kept suggesting that I should get it checked for termites. However, I hastily dismissed the ominous warnings as I had not ‘seen’ any kind of insects or pests in the month or so that I lived here.

As you must have guessed, I had to pay dearly for my nonchalance and ignorance when a heavy termite infestation surfaced only after six months or so! I called in the troops immediately when my wife happened to spot a bent and heaving shelf in a corner wardrobe.

The expert technicians of Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions immediately announced that not only was the shelf full of termites, but the dreaded creepies were teeming all over the house! I was left further befuddled when the pest control providers in Fort Mill SC confirmed that the house was likely infested even when I had bought it!

They gently explained to me that termites are known as ‘silent destroyers’ for downloadgood reason. They prefer to hide in dark spots and you cannot them immediately. Some are nocturnal, so hardly ever seen again. Even their wings, droppings or the holes that they make in the wood can escape the attention of an untrained eye.

The pest control treatment was thorough and effective and I have sworn never to even consider purchasing a property before a detailed termite inspection has been done!

House-Pest-ImageGary Wojciechowicz of Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions brings over 15 years of experience in the residential construction industry. This familiarity with housing has translated into more effective results when dealing with pest control across Charlotte NC.

Gary is totally dedicated to helping people deal with all kinds of termite, mosquito, fire ant and general pest issues in their homes and offices. He uses the trusted combination of proven techniques and best products when conducting pest control treatments. Knowing the ins and outs of how various homes and buildings are actually constructed enables him to perfectly target the problem areas and solve the problem once and for all.

The service is professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy with truly impressive results. The technicians always pay great attention to detail and will go the extra mile whenever needed. The glowing reviews from satisfied customers speak for themselves, “A great service provided by even greater people! Use Tactical Pest if you want honesty, great information and success against pests!”

download (1)You will find multiple options to suit your needs – from one-time to monthly or seasonal services with combined service discounts thrown in. An attractive referral program is also in place. However, customers are particularly pleased to note that the staff at Tactical Pest never pushes them to take any kind of additional services!

So, get your place exterminated the Tactical way right now!