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download 1My quaint little house has an old wooden structure that has lately become infested with a lot of termites. I looked up pest control Waxhaw, North Carolina on the internet and decided to use a repellant termiticide on my own.

I used the repellant all around the boundary of the house and was sure that the barrier would drive away those pesky creatures. However, my efforts seemed to no avail as the termites seemed to continue to thrive.

I was at my wit’s end and had no option but to call in the professionals. I requested a free quote from Termite Pest and Termite Solutions and the technicians arrived promptly to study my property. They explained to me that the repellant termiticide was not able to do its job properly due to the dense landscaping and old plumbing lines ringing the house. The darned termites were able to find gaps in the treatment boundary and made their way into the house!

I felt quite foolhardy and asked for further suggestions. They proposed using a non-repellant termiticide which cannot be detected by these insects.

logo.emailsignature2And it really worked! The team did a thorough job and as promised, the termites continued to blissfully pass through the imperceptible barrier. The lethal chemical clung to their bodies and slowly wiped them out forever!

I am grateful to this pest control Waxhaw, North Carolina service provider and can enjoy a completely termite free once again!