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download (1)Termites are one of the most dreaded pests in every state of the United States. They can silently invade a structure and slowly destroy it from the inside out. However, the good news is that an infestation can be effectively treated and there are various methods of doing so.

Termiticides are chemicals that are applied in the soil around and below the structure to form a protective blanket from termites. The termiticide works by either repelling the pests or killing them after contact. In either way, the termite colony dies a quick death and gets eradicated.

Baits are a newer technique for controlling and preventing termites. Plastic bait stations with an untreated wooden bait are inserted into the soil at regular intervals around the periphery of the structure. The termites eventually ‘locate’ the bait and start feeding on it. Once this is established, the regular food is switched for a toxic one. The pests continue to feed on it and also carry it to their colony, thus working as a slow extermination.  download

For more extensive infestations, there is no option but to fumigate the entire structure with a lethal gas.

Therefore, homeowners should seek the advice of a knowledgeable and experienced pest control Fort Mill SC firm, such as Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions. The experts will study the structure and level of infestation before suggesting the type of termite treatment that will be most effective. Follow-up inspections and service contracts with retreatment are also available to ensure complete protection from termites.

photoProfessional termite treatment is often the best and only solution for eradicating the dreaded pests from an infected property. However, many people worry about the health and safety concerns of using these chemicals. The premise is that something that can kill or at least ward off pests can be dangerous to humans as well.

Well, this is why whom ever  is carrying out the treatment matters a lot! Reliable pest control Fort Mill SC companies like Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions use only the best and safest products available on the market. The termiticides that they use have been evaluated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and do not pose any significant risk to humans, pets or even the environment in general. They have a mild odor which disappears soon after it is applied.

The hazard lies more in the manner of application than the chemical itself, the pest control Fort Mill SC service provider has certified and experienced technicians who carefully apply the products as per the label directions so as to pose negligible risk to humans.

Moreover, termite treatment is mostly performed outside the house and directed into the soil. Spot treatment is done inside the structure only when absolutely necessary and only after ensuring that the necessary safety measures are in place.House-Pest-Image

As an added safeguard, small children, pregnant women, and those with he and pets can vacate the house for a few hours while termite treatment is underway. Return only after it has been aired for 1-2 hours.

Everything is safe now!