How Did The Termites Enter My House?

Posted: July 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

I was out of the country for a prolonged period and on returning recently, I was horrified to find my home infested with termites. There were fine ‘sawdust’ piles in many of the closets and I also found discarded wings in some corners.

I hurriedly turned to the professional and reliable pest control Waxhaw, North Carolina firm, Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions for effective extermination of these ‘white ants’ before they ate up my entire house!

Now that the baits and termiticides are in place and the infestation seems to be on its last legs, my mind has turned to the unsettling question, ‘How did these pests enter my house in the first place?’

On further investigation into the issue, I realized that the answer was pretty clear. Termites generally dwell in the ground, but continue to forage for their cellulose ‘food’ all around their colonies. At times, they even travel hundreds of feet before hitting a likely source of wood, paper or cardboard. They dig underground tunnels to reach the food and do not hesitate to make tunnels of mud, dirt, saliva and feces when they have to travel above ground. The pests can enter homes through any hollow spaces, gaps in joints or even tiny cracks in the walls, slabs or foundation.

Now that I think back, I vaguely remember spotting those telltale mud tunnels along an exterior wall and even going down the window frame inside!

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