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When a termite problem is detected, homeowners usually turn to the internet for help. I too Googled termite control options and got a variety of results for my efforts. Ideas like freezing the infested wood or exposing it to sunlight was just not possible, but I tried everything else – from making traps and ‘planting’ worms to applying different repellents and pesticides to the problem areas.

However, all this turned out to be a spot treatment at best, and the telltale termite wings and wood powder started reappearing. After all the wasted efforts, I realized a few home truths:

I could not completely detect all the areas that have been infested with termites.

I did not know how to identify the types of termites so that I could treat them accordingly.

I simple lacked the specialized equipment such as masonry drills, large-capacity tanks and soil treatment rods to do a full-blown pest control treatment.

Finally I gave up and decided to call in the Matthews Termite treatmentlogo.emailsignature2 . A friend referred me to Tactical Termite and Pest Solutions in North Carolina. I called them up and they promptly offered me a free quote. I ran a check and found that this full service residential, commercial and industrial pest control company is licensed, bonded, and fully insured in both South and North Carolina. The online reviews also sounded extremely satisfied and appreciative.

So I decided to go ahead and set up an on going treatment plan. And I am glad to say that the quick and experienced service was indeed impressive. The technicians used latest techniques and equipment to get rid of the termites from my house and I was finally able to breathe easy once again!