house-cross-section-lgLast summer, I had an ants and cockroaches epidemic on my hands. The pests were running all over my house and nothing seemed to work on them. I was fed up of the sight of the disgusting vermins and decided to call a pest control provider in Charlotte NC.

Tactical Pest and Control Solutions seemed fit for the job and came with good recommendations. I gave the go ahead and a team of experienced technicians worked on my entire house.

A few days later, I was sickened to still find a few cockroaches crawling across my bathroom and ants living it up in the den! I immediately called up the pest control company in a fury and demanded my money back.

The operator at the other end of the line assured me that this is normal as it takes some time for the bugs to die off. I was still livid and insisted that someone should come over for an inspection.

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The company dutifully sent a technician to check on the results. He gently clarified that complete eradication takes a few weeks. He told me that some pests may have even crawled from outside, but will fail to survive the treatment.

I have to admit that those infuriating pests were completely eliminated in less than a month, and I am yet to catch sight of a single ant or cockroach in the house ever since!


download (1)And the unexpected happened! My house was under attack by those darned termites, with buckling floorboards and ribbed furniture everywhere. I quickly called in pest control professionals in Fort Mill SC to eliminate the invaders right from the source!

The technicians at Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions advised that applying liquid termiticide would work to keep them at bay. They said they would choose low-toxic products that are safe for my kids and dogs. Still the advice was that they should not come into contact while the pesticide is wet.

Yet, I was quite worried especially about my baby girl as her infant body was more susceptible to the toxins. So I decided to play it safe and commissioned the treatment while the children were safely away at their daycare. My dogs were confined to a room (where application was not required) for the duration of the treatment.

I was also told to remove the dogs’ bedding, food, water bowls and toys from the application areas. I made doubly sure by removing all food items from the house.

downloadThe technicians quickly did a thorough job and took even the empty containers with them to eliminate risk of contact. While exposure had been reduced, I still ensured that the house was well aired out before either the kids or pets were allowed to return!

Now I am happy to say that the termites have actually disappeared and the family has lived to tell the tale!

photoI recently bought a house and many people kept suggesting that I should get it checked for termites. However, I hastily dismissed the ominous warnings as I had not ‘seen’ any kind of insects or pests in the month or so that I lived here.

As you must have guessed, I had to pay dearly for my nonchalance and ignorance when a heavy termite infestation surfaced only after six months or so! I called in the troops immediately when my wife happened to spot a bent and heaving shelf in a corner wardrobe.

The expert technicians of Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions immediately announced that not only was the shelf full of termites, but the dreaded creepies were teeming all over the house! I was left further befuddled when the pest control providers in Fort Mill SC confirmed that the house was likely infested even when I had bought it!

They gently explained to me that termites are known as ‘silent destroyers’ for downloadgood reason. They prefer to hide in dark spots and you cannot them immediately. Some are nocturnal, so hardly ever seen again. Even their wings, droppings or the holes that they make in the wood can escape the attention of an untrained eye.

The pest control treatment was thorough and effective and I have sworn never to even consider purchasing a property before a detailed termite inspection has been done!

House-Pest-ImageGary Wojciechowicz of Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions brings over 15 years of experience in the residential construction industry. This familiarity with housing has translated into more effective results when dealing with pest control across Charlotte NC.

Gary is totally dedicated to helping people deal with all kinds of termite, mosquito, fire ant and general pest issues in their homes and offices. He uses the trusted combination of proven techniques and best products when conducting pest control treatments. Knowing the ins and outs of how various homes and buildings are actually constructed enables him to perfectly target the problem areas and solve the problem once and for all.

The service is professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy with truly impressive results. The technicians always pay great attention to detail and will go the extra mile whenever needed. The glowing reviews from satisfied customers speak for themselves, “A great service provided by even greater people! Use Tactical Pest if you want honesty, great information and success against pests!”

download (1)You will find multiple options to suit your needs – from one-time to monthly or seasonal services with combined service discounts thrown in. An attractive referral program is also in place. However, customers are particularly pleased to note that the staff at Tactical Pest never pushes them to take any kind of additional services!

So, get your place exterminated the Tactical way right now!

download 1I bought a quaint older home in the Charlotte NC area.   I loved the charm of the structure and the neighborhood. Something about it reminded me of visiting my grandparents home as a kid.  I admit I was caught up in the sentimental aspect of the house and missed the important safeguard checks that I should have had at the top of my list.   Such as checking the structure for termites.  Since it was an older home, the building codes were not what they are today when it was    My aging house was recently besieged by termites. The nasty pests seemed to have taken over the structure – right from the doors and windows to closets and nightstands too. I quickly got a complete pest control Charlotte NC treatment done by Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions and the infestation seems to have abated slowly.

Once the exigency was out of the way, I started pondering over why the termites attacked so many homes and buildings. I spoke to the professional team who came for subsequent checks which helped me understand quite a few details.

Now I have become aware that most termites live in the soil and build their colonies there. When they find food, they slowly build intricate tunnels within the mud itself. These tunnels are designed to lead them above the ground and directly to their food source.

imagesBut why do they eat the wood in the house? Well, termites love to feed on any kind of cellulose! As wood contains a lot of cellulose, these pests are always attracted to any source of wood – this could be the trees and logs outside to the foundation, walls, doors, furniture and other wooden items indoors. Wherever any kind of wood touches the soil, rest assured that some termite family will be sure to find it sooner or later!

Apart from their favorite food, termites do not hesitate to consume newspaper, cardboard and even dung.

download 1My quaint little house has an old wooden structure that has lately become infested with a lot of termites. I looked up pest control Waxhaw, North Carolina on the internet and decided to use a repellant termiticide on my own.

I used the repellant all around the boundary of the house and was sure that the barrier would drive away those pesky creatures. However, my efforts seemed to no avail as the termites seemed to continue to thrive.

I was at my wit’s end and had no option but to call in the professionals. I requested a free quote from Termite Pest and Termite Solutions and the technicians arrived promptly to study my property. They explained to me that the repellant termiticide was not able to do its job properly due to the dense landscaping and old plumbing lines ringing the house. The darned termites were able to find gaps in the treatment boundary and made their way into the house!

I felt quite foolhardy and asked for further suggestions. They proposed using a non-repellant termiticide which cannot be detected by these insects.

logo.emailsignature2And it really worked! The team did a thorough job and as promised, the termites continued to blissfully pass through the imperceptible barrier. The lethal chemical clung to their bodies and slowly wiped them out forever!

I am grateful to this pest control Waxhaw, North Carolina service provider and can enjoy a completely termite free once again!

download (1)Termites are one of the most dreaded pests in every state of the United States. They can silently invade a structure and slowly destroy it from the inside out. However, the good news is that an infestation can be effectively treated and there are various methods of doing so.

Termiticides are chemicals that are applied in the soil around and below the structure to form a protective blanket from termites. The termiticide works by either repelling the pests or killing them after contact. In either way, the termite colony dies a quick death and gets eradicated.

Baits are a newer technique for controlling and preventing termites. Plastic bait stations with an untreated wooden bait are inserted into the soil at regular intervals around the periphery of the structure. The termites eventually ‘locate’ the bait and start feeding on it. Once this is established, the regular food is switched for a toxic one. The pests continue to feed on it and also carry it to their colony, thus working as a slow extermination.  download

For more extensive infestations, there is no option but to fumigate the entire structure with a lethal gas.

Therefore, homeowners should seek the advice of a knowledgeable and experienced pest control Fort Mill SC firm, such as Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions. The experts will study the structure and level of infestation before suggesting the type of termite treatment that will be most effective. Follow-up inspections and service contracts with retreatment are also available to ensure complete protection from termites.

photoProfessional termite treatment is often the best and only solution for eradicating the dreaded pests from an infected property. However, many people worry about the health and safety concerns of using these chemicals. The premise is that something that can kill or at least ward off pests can be dangerous to humans as well.

Well, this is why whom ever  is carrying out the treatment matters a lot! Reliable pest control Fort Mill SC companies like Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions use only the best and safest products available on the market. The termiticides that they use have been evaluated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and do not pose any significant risk to humans, pets or even the environment in general. They have a mild odor which disappears soon after it is applied.

The hazard lies more in the manner of application than the chemical itself, the pest control Fort Mill SC service provider has certified and experienced technicians who carefully apply the products as per the label directions so as to pose negligible risk to humans.

Moreover, termite treatment is mostly performed outside the house and directed into the soil. Spot treatment is done inside the structure only when absolutely necessary and only after ensuring that the necessary safety measures are in place.House-Pest-Image

As an added safeguard, small children, pregnant women, and those with he and pets can vacate the house for a few hours while termite treatment is underway. Return only after it has been aired for 1-2 hours.

Everything is safe now!

I was out of the country for a prolonged period and on returning recently, I was horrified to find my home infested with termites. There were fine ‘sawdust’ piles in many of the closets and I also found discarded wings in some corners.

I hurriedly turned to the professional and reliable pest control Waxhaw, North Carolina firm, Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions for effective extermination of these ‘white ants’ before they ate up my entire house!

Now that the baits and termiticides are in place and the infestation seems to be on its last legs, my mind has turned to the unsettling question, ‘How did these pests enter my house in the first place?’

On further investigation into the issue, I realized that the answer was pretty clear. Termites generally dwell in the ground, but continue to forage for their cellulose ‘food’ all around their colonies. At times, they even travel hundreds of feet before hitting a likely source of wood, paper or cardboard. They dig underground tunnels to reach the food and do not hesitate to make tunnels of mud, dirt, saliva and feces when they have to travel above ground. The pests can enter homes through any hollow spaces, gaps in joints or even tiny cracks in the walls, slabs or foundation.

Now that I think back, I vaguely remember spotting those telltale mud tunnels along an exterior wall and even going down the window frame inside!

Termites are a detriment in most homes. However, these infuriating pests never cross our mind when we buy a property!


I was looking to buy a house in North Carolina and diligently checked everything from the roof, drains and heating system to the title deed, mortgage, tax bills and what not. The home inspector also gave the house a clean report.     I was ready to sign on the dotted line. Just then, my real estate agent happened to notice a dusty trail along a closed window. On closer inspection, we suspected it to be the work of dreaded termites.

The home seller was genuinely unaware of the silent termite infestation and could not be accused of ‘hiding’ this crucial information. I too was befuddled about what to do, but the agent insisted on a termite inspection at the cost of the owner.

Our suspicions were confirmed as the inspection reported the beginnings of a termite infestation on the property. Still I was in love with the house and wanted to make it my own, but obviously without the add-on of termites. The agents parleyed together and mine expressed a willingness to still take over the property at a reduced price provided it was first divested of all pests completely!

The seller searched for a reliable pest control Waxhaw, and  hired Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions to rid the house of termites.   . The company diligently performed various treatments to eliminate the termites and backed up the service with a satisfaction guaranteed policy.

I happily signed the papers and a decade down the line, have never ever found any termites in the house!

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